Envelope Punch Board Matchbox Gift Card Holder with Deb Valder

Hidy Ho Stampers,

I've been waiting until we gave Izzy her present, she has it so now I can share…


31 years ago Kevin made the horse in the back for our three kids.

the one in the front he just made for Isabella!


Our kids loved it when they were little.


 So the new one was packed in our suitcase and on its way to South Dakota!


She LOVES it!!!!!! and just the perfect size, she's so adorable!


She had to tell Moose all about it!

Thank you for letting me share that with you!

So on with today's project.  Today I made a gift card holder for you using the Envelope Punch Board.  Fast, easy and fun!


matchbox-saleabration-sweet-sorbet-3d-box 1

It also fits candy!

If  you are viewing this from your email, click here to see it.  Otherwise, sit back, put your feet up, grab some popcorn and enjoy the movie!

So what did you think?  Try it and you'll never just hand someone a gift card again!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend a little of it with me.  I hope you enjoyed my post, please stop by often. 

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  1. The rocking horses, Isabella, Moose and the Envelope Punch Board Matchbox Gift Card Holder are all adorable!

  2. Sue Boyd says:

    That hobby horse is so stinkin cute! (almost as much as Izzie 😉 )
    Any chance your hubby would share the pattern? We have a 9-month old grandbaby who lives in VA, we’re in WA, and a moved-back-home son who has great woodworking skills and no money . . . a perfect combination for us to have him DO SOMETHING! THANX! Suzee

  3. Deb says:

    Thank you so much Wendie!  She is a cutie!  I just miss her so much when we are in New York and she is in South Dakota!  :0(  We cherish the time we are able to spend with her.


  4. Deb says:

    Hi Sue!  There isn’t a pattern, he just made it it up!   I would definitely share it with you but there is no pattern.  Izzy is 10 months old.  Aren’t Grandbabies the best!!!! 

  5. Heather D. says:

    Deb, you are the best! I found one of your videos on youtube and instantly had to find more! I was on the fence about buying the envelope punch board but when I saw all the other things you created with it, I had to have one! Now I’m subscribed to your blog too 😉
    I have a question though – at the end of some of your videos (including this one) you mention that you can find the written measurements on your blog…but I can’t find them 🙁 Can you please point me in the right direction?
    Many thanks!
    Heather D.

  6. Deb says:

    Hello Heather and thank you so much for your sweet kind words about my videos.  I’d be happy to help but which set of directions did you need?  Thank you again and if you hae any other questions, let me know.  http://www.stampladee.stampinup.net


  7. Heather D. says:

    Hi Deb! I was looking specifically for the envelope matchbox gift card box, but I watched the video and took good notes (I hope! LOL) I’m hoping I can replicate your project 🙂 I need to make a gift card holder soon, so this will be perfect! I didn’t know if there was a specific spot where you had written out tutorials to go with your videos.
    Thanks again for your videos!

  8. Deb says:

    hmmmmm Heather I thought they were on there. I’ll go look and add them if they are not.  Thank you for letting me know.  Have a great day.  http://www.stampladee.stampinup.net


  9. Mary Jean says:

    I love your envelope punch board matchbox, but can’t seem to find the written instructions with measurements. I watched the well done video and made a box for my granddaughters birthday, but would like to have written instructions, with measurements, handy for future use.
    Love your ideas, and thank you for sharing them.

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